Webchat enables you to add an intelligent assistant to any Web App, Website or Hybrid Mobile App.  The same assistant that is enabled on the Chyme and other external messengers such as Slack, Skype, and others, is also available on the web channel.  All the features such as natural language, machine learning, and contextual conversations are pre-enabled.


What interactions can I have with ChymeBot from Web Chat?

The webchat assistant is a very versatile add-on to support your web presence.  The webchat assistant can collect sales leads, provide links to your knowledge base, provide customer support, raise support tickets etc. You can also collect required information upfront at the start of the chat.  For e.g. if your webchat assistant is providing customer support, you can request the user to enter their email address and the order number that they require support on.  Subsequently, you can then provide information on the order, its status, and delivery timelines or allow the customer to raise complaints.  The options are limitless.


Great, how do I associate my Web Chat Application with ChymeBot?

Adding a webchat assistant is very simple and only requires you to perform a few simple steps:

  1. You need a Chyme account to get started, if you don’t have one click here to ChymeIn!
  2. Now create an assistant in the Chyme Web app and link the solution to the assistant. If you need some assistance, just follow the instructions in the Chyme User Guide and Chyme Admin Guide to complete the same.
  3. Enable webchat for the assistant and enter the required parameters.
  4. Copy the HTML/JS snippet and include it in your client web page or app.

That’s it. Your webchat assistant is now enabled and available to handle your customer queries. If you prefer you can also style (CSS) the chat window to suit your design needs.

How do I use the ChymeBot from within Webchat?

  1. Once webchat is configured for an assistant it can be linked to any webpage and web chat window will be available on the linked web pages.
  2. Now type in help and hit enter or use the “Get Started” button.  A list of ChymeBot commands that you can use will be displayed. Then click start to initiate the new conversation.
  3. A list of ChymeBot commands that you can use will be displayed. Depending on the functionality activated for you in Chyme, you can access all of them with natural language. For example, if the user wants to get some information regarding his Insurance Policy bot will ask for few more details like Name, Which company you worked for etc. and will provide all details.


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