What is a Digital Assistant?

A digital assistant is an application that can understand natural language and provide suitable responses. Digital assistants are conversational. So consider digital assistants as an application where typical screens with buttons, text fields, and other such traditional UI elements are together replaced with a common screen of a text or a voice messenger. Instead of clicking traditional UI elements to make data requests, users shall send voice or text messages in natural language to make data requests. Instead of displaying the response for the data request in lists and detail pages, the response from the digital assistant is given as natural language text (can be enhanced based on the messenger’s capability) or voice.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is another name for a Digital Assistant.

What is a Bot?

A bot is a program that does a specific task. Digital Assistant or chatbot is a collection of bots.

What is the difference between a Digital Assistant and a Bot?

A bot is a program that does a specific task inside a Digital Assistant. So a digital assistant can be a collection of bots with each bot performing a specific task. Terms Digital Assistant and Chatbots are used interchangeable in this document.


How do I register for Chyme?

Chyme is available by invite only for the present while we prepare for a larger roll out.  Please fill out the invite form to Chyme In!

User / Account

Is Chyme available as a cloud service?


Is Chyme available for on premise deployment?


Product Features

Does Chyme support Natural Language?

Yes. Chyme is completely based on natural language communication.

Does Chyme natural language support conversations?

Yes. Chyme not only supports natural language communication but also supports conversations with follow up questions and answers like how humans communicate.

Does Chyme work in multiple languages?


Does Chyme work on multiple messengers?

Yes. See the full list of supported social, enterprise and web messengers here.

My enterprise does not have an enterprise messenger. How can I use Chyme?

Yes. Chyme has a messenger called Chyme Messenger that can be used on Android, iOS and Web.

Can my customers and employees both use Chyme?

Yes. Chyme supports both social, enterprise and custom web messengers.

What are the standard bots available with Chyme?

Chyme comes pre-packaged with a number of bots that allow Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition Approvals, Leave creation and approval, Order creation, Customer Management (Activities/Leads/Opportunities), HelpDesk etc.  These bots are available on a number of systems such as SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Microsoft Sharepoint etc.

What are the systems that I can build bots for?

Chyme supports SAP systems such as ERP, CRM, SAP HANA, SalesForce, ServiceNow, SAP Concur, SharePoint, MSSQL, and, Oracle etc.  In addition, Chyme can help you build bots for any SQL compliant database and any REST or SOAP based system.  Given the open architecture that Chyme supports, with additional libraries you can also connect to any legacy system.

Solutions and Bots

How do I activate a solution?

Bots Administrators and Bots Developers can manage and activate solutions.

  1. Login to the Chyme web app, access the Administration menu from the right menu.
  2. Click on Solutions.  All solutions available in the system are shown.
  3. Click on the solution card that you want to activate.
  4. Choose the Activate button and follow the steps.

What is a Chyme solution?

A Chyme solution is a collection of bots that can be activated and used by Chyme users.  Chyme solutions are made up as follows:

  1. Each Chyme solution can be made up of one or more Bot bundles.
  2. Each Bot bundle is a collection of a number of bots.  A bundle is also the development unit that is built using the Chyme Bots Builder.
  3. Bots can be commands or events.  Bots are the smallest development units that are built using the Chyme Bots Builder.
    1. Bots fulfill functionalities like “Create an opportunity on Salesforce”, “Approve a leave request on SuccessFactors”, “Upload trip details on Concur” etc.
    2. Events are triggered from external systems and update Chyme users like “An opportunity for $100,000 for prospect Acme Corp. has been created” etc.
  4. Related bots must be included in a Bots bundle so that they can share context.  For e.g. once an Incident on ServiceNow is created, notes can be added to the incident, the incident can be assigned to an internal helpdesk member etc.  These bots all share common context (for e.g. Incident) and should be included as part of a bundle.

What a solution does is defined by the Bots administrator and/or Developer.  The Chyme team recommends to keep solutions simple and focussed. Some examples:

  1. An internal employee IT helpdesk solution for a small company has the following bot bundles:
    1. Tech Support Bots bundle handling password resets, account lockouts etc
    2. Procurement Bots bundle handling requests for replacement keyboard/mouse, software requests etc.
    3. Knowledge Base Bots bundle handling questions on access and utilization of office IT resources, employee policy etc.
  2. An external customer support helpdesk solution for a medium sized company has a single bot bundle that handles customer queries and answers them or raises a ticket when the issue is not resolved.


Does Chyme provide tools to build bots?

Yes. Using Chyme Bots Builder and Chyme web Configuration, you can build your own bots.

Does Chyme support webhooks to trigger / post messages from external systems?