The ChymeBot integration with the Google Assistant brings all the enterprise ChymeBot to you on demand. All the natural language enabled enterprise bots that you have come to enjoy can be accessed via the Google Assistant client now. Create your own brand bot and connect it to Chyme and automate all your queries and tasks.

Note: To access the Google Assistant-ChymeBot application, your team administrator should have enabled Google Assistant access in Chyme.

What interactions can I have with ChymeBot from Google Assistant?

You can access any assistant built in Chyme by talking to the Google Assistant.  Remember that you already need your assistant in Google to be configured (details below) and a nice, catchy name/phrase to address her, just like OK Google.

All Chyme assistants are natural language enabled. Go ahead and have a conversation with activated assistants that are available on Chyme from checking your leave balance on SAP HR and create a leave request for tomorrow to checking the incidents you need to work on in ServiceNow. Chyme allows your Google Assistant to connect to any enterprise system (on premise or cloud) with limitless possibilities.

Great, how do I associate my Google Assistant with ChymeBot?

Adding a Google Assistant is very simple and only requires you to perform a few simple steps:

  • You need a Chyme account to get started, if you don’t have one click here to ChymeIn!
  • Now create a project in  Actions on Google Developer Console.
  • Once messenger is configured and activated by your administrator, you can get the endpoint(chyme webhook endpoint) from messenger detail view.
  • Create an actions package, set a conversation name, add query parameters as invocations for ex. “Talk to Chyme Bot” and in place of Fulfillment URL enter chyme webhook endpoint.
  • Upload your final action package to your Google Actions project. Actions SDK (Refer
  • Click ‘Test Draft’ to test your app in the simulator or on your devices.

How do I use the ChymeBot from within Google Assistant?

Let’s say your assistant name is Laura, test your app in the Google Assistant enabled device by saying “Ok Google, Talk to Laura”. A list of possible options for you to start the conversation will be displayed. Go ahead and choose any to start and continue the conversation. Depending on the functionality activated for you in Chyme, you can access all of them via the buttons or typing in your queries. For example “Get my leave balance” will retrieve the days off that you still have.

Need help?  Drop us a note.