The ChymeBots integration with Slack enables all ChymeBots brings all the enterprise ChymeBots to you on demand. All the natural language enabled enterprise bots that you have come to enjoy can be accessed via your Slack team now.  Best of all you can also interact with bots and other users on your Slack team via an @mention from within Slack.

Note: To access the Slack-ChymeBot application, your team administrator should have added the ChymeBot app (or your own brand ChymeBot) to your Slack team and enabled Slack access in Chyme.


What interactions can I have with ChymeBot from Slack?

You can access ChymeBot bot by starting a new conversation or use the ChymeBot / command on Slack.

@ChymeBot is a natural language enabled bot for you to execute any activated bot.  Go ahead and have a conversation with any activated ChymeBot to check your leave balance on SAP HR and create a leave request for tomorrow.  Or check the incidents you need to work on in ServiceNow.  ChymeBot on Slack can connect to any enterprise system with limitless possibilities.

/ChymeBot command on Slack – If you prefer to use the Slack command interface, we have you covered.  There is a /ChymeBot command also.  Try executing /ChymeBot help to get a list of Chyme bots that are activated for your account that you can use from within Slack.

The Chyme app can be downloaded from the Slack App Directory using the link:


Great, how do I associate my Slack team with ChymeBot?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. You need to have an existing Chyme account to get started if you don’t have one click here to ChymeIn!
  2. If you have an account, activate the ChymeBot with your Slack team account.
  3. If you are already logged into your Chyme account on the web its even simpler. Just click on the Messenger icon and then the Add to Slack button. The “Add to Slack” button can be accessed only after login.

Once you start the activation process, the OAuth page from Slack will be displayed requesting for certain permissions that you need to authorize.

Why do you need these permissions? Is my data safe?

  1. Channels – For posting messages back to configured channels.  Unless you have configured a channel as an endpoint, ChymeBot will never post to your channel.
  2. Add Commands – We add a /ChymeBot command to Slack to enable you to use the command interface to access all the bots.
  3. Send messages – We send the responses from the ChymeBot as messages to Slack from ChymeBot.
  4. Access content in Channels and Direct Messages – To enable group conversations with ChymeBot we need access to your content.  We use the content only to satisfy any bot requests in group conversations.  To initiate this mention @ChymeBot in your channel/group conversation.
  5. Send messages as you – To ensure that any other messages that you post to ChymeBot (via other means such as a website for e.g.) will also appear in your Slack stream to ensure that your conversations are complete in Slack.
  6. Files – This enables you to receive and upload files (attachments) with your messages to ChymeBot.  For e.g. to create an incident in ServiceNow with a screenshot.

None of your data is used for any purpose other than what you have authorized.  Now that everything is clear, go ahead and authorize the app.  You will be redirected to the ChymeBot page after successful activation.

How do I use the ChymeBot from within Slack?

  1. If you don’t find the @ChymeBot bot in your list of Direct Message contacts, click on the small + button and search for ChymeBot.  Add ChymeBot to your DM list.
  2. Now type in /ChymeBot help and hit enter.  A list of activated ChymeBots will be displayed.  If you need help on a specific bot type /ChymeBot <name> help.
  3. Depending on the bots activated for you in Chyme, you can access all of them with natural language.  For example “Get my incidents” will retrieve incidents assigned to you from ServiceNOW.

Need help?  Drop us a note.

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