As COVID-19 has imposed social/physical distancing on business and individuals alike, employers are looking for solutions that enable business continuity in the midst of this global pandemic. This is especially true of businesses deemed as “essential” and that must continue to operate. We wanted to share one example of how Unvired has helped a US-based fleet management company implement social distancing via enabling Contact Free Estimates.

One of the concerns pertains to physical contact at service/repair shops or interacting with damage appraisers in the field. We enabled a text chatbot/Digital Assistant-powered solution that guides drivers to take photos of the damaged vehicle and submit these to the company database. The pictures are then evaluated by the claims team and a rapid estimate is delivered. This eliminates the need for a driver to go to a shop or interact at close quarters with an appraiser in the field. Social and physical distancing is achieved while ensuring business continuity.

Chatbots along with web/mobile apps and Digital Forms are a great way to continue interacting with customers and keeping employees safe during this crisis and era of social distancing. Let us know if you have any Digital ideas to cope with COVID-19, and we would be happy to explore a POC to bring your idea to life.