Chyme Approvals Chatbot

Have you ever waited for a boss to approve your leave application? Then, you know that restless feeling as you pray that you get a fast response. It is not that your boss does not want you to relax.  It is just that in an era of communications overload, it is easy to miss such requests.  Meanwhile, you cannot buy those air tickets.  Have you ever been in the shoes of a Manufacturing Manager and realizing that you will not be able to meet your Production goals as a key component is missing? The part that you had made a Purchase Requisition for was unfortunately never approved by the Procurement Manager.

In order to avoid such scenarios, our customer, a Global Beverage company, has deployed an “Approvals” chatbot. This chatbot integrates with SAP and is deployed on the Unvired Chyme Messenger.  It is built using the Chyme Bots Platform that has Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability. The chatbot was designed with a customized branded persona (formal tone, language, and style) in accordance with the customer brand guidelines. Highlights include:

Use Cases:

  • Procurement: Notification of new POs, View PO details, and take an Action (Approve/Reject)
  • HR: Notification of applied Leave, View leave details, and take an Action (Approve/Reject)

Business benefits are faster Decision making and increased Productivity.  The Supply Chain is expected to operate smoothly as out of stock material is minimized due to timely approvals of POs. Equally importantly, the employees are happy with their leave getting approved promptly.   The success of this is best demonstrated by the thousands of users who have adopted the “Approvals” chatbot.

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