Feeling overwhelmed by procurement-related queries from your employees or suppliers?  Or even your customers?  Is your Procurement Call Center/Help Desk inundated with questions about Order Status, Payment details, or Shipping status that prevents them from focusing on more strategic tasks?  If that is the case, perhaps, it is time for you to consider deploying a Procurement chatbot like our global Beverage customer in South Africa did.  Here are the highlights of their Procurement Digital Assistant/chatbot journey:

Use Cases

  • Answer queries related to Purchase Requisitions, Order Status, Shipment, & Supplier Status
  • Look up Customer & Supplier AR, Credit, and other details
  • Check for Stock lookup and Price details

Points to Consider

1. Maximize Adoption: The challenge for the customer was to determine which channel to deploy the chatbot.  They wanted to eliminate friction in the adoption of the chatbot.  After some deliberation, they decided to deploy the chatbot on Workplace by Facebook as it was their collaboration platform that was already adopted by users.

2. Integration: The chatbot was integrated with their backend systems, namely SysPro/SQL server database.

3. Bot Personality: The chatbot was designed with a customized branded persona (formal tone, language, and style) in accordance with the customer’s brand guidelines

Business Metrics

  • Used by hundreds of users
  • Procurement related queries are answered in real-time basis compared to 2-7 days of processing time previously
  • Empowers Suppliers and Customers to perform queries directly rather than call the Contact Center
  • Improved Operational efficiency
  • Reduced Support hours and Costs of repetitive tasks

We would love to receive your feedback.  If you have any ideas to share related to Chatbots please write to us at sales@unvired.io