Chyme Launch!

Communication has evolved rapidly in the last few years – from emails on PCs to mails on mobile and messaging on mobile. Mobile mails shrunk the conversations in size. Messaging made remote conversations more humane unlike mails.

Enterprise system access has changed rapidly too in the last decade. Traditional web based or PC app based access reduced. People adapted to mobile apps. While mobile apps are good an app for every task is an overload and leads to app fatigue.

This is where people communication and enterprise system access come together – Bots and Messaging.

Announcing Chyme:

Chyme, our new product, brings people and enterprise systems together to a single place. We are proud to launch Chyme, a bots and messaging platform for the enterprise. Chyme is a single interface from where people can communicate with enterprise systems and people alike.


Chyme enables communication with people and enterprise systems via messages. Chyme provides a messaging app and is integrating with other messaging apps like Skype, iMessage, Slack, HipChat, etc. We are working on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis to provide richer no UI experience and deeper insights into conversations.


(For the uninitiated bots are micro-apps, dedicated programs that do defined jobs.)

People can communicate with enterprise systems via bots:

  • Alerts: Get notified about important events from the enterprise systems. Example: Get an alert about a new customer win, send a congratulatory note to the sales team member and initiate a procurement order to start production.
  • On Demand Information: Ask for any information from the bot and the bot can get the required information. Example: Ask for ‘Sales Summary for Last week’ and see the sales charts for the last week. Initiate a follow up conversation with your sales team.
  • Decisions: Take business decisions via the bot and the bot can update the enterprise systems. Example: A nurse can update a person’s health record with progress notes.


People can communicate via:

  • Direct Messages: Converse privately with colleagues via direct messages
  • Team: Converse in a team with invited members
  • Channels: Topic based conversations with allowed members

Interface and Visualization:

Chyme provides a simplified interface to exchange messages, visualize enterprise system information (charts, web content, business objects, etc.) and take business decisions.

Comprehensive Bots Platform – Customers can focus on business scenarios and outcomes and not on integrations:

Chyme’s philosophy is to ensure that customers can get their bots running as quickly as possible. So Chyme comes with a lot of standard bots that can be used out of the box with solutions from SAP,, etc. At the same time we acknowledge the need for custom bots. So Chyme provides a bots builder and standard bot connectors with systems like SAP, Oracle,, NetSuite, etc. Customers can focus on the bots and not worry about how these bots connect to the enterprise systems. Chyme bot connectors use native connectivity SAP RFCs/BAPIs, OData Services, Oracle PL/SQL Packages, Database Tables/Stored Procedures, etc. apart from REST and other web services to connect to enterprise systems making it a comprehensive bots platform.

For more features and information on Chyme watch this space. Chyme is currently running in an invite only mode. Request an invite and start Chyming!