Chyme HR Chatbot

Let’s face it—you work hard and get the job done.  Now, it is time for some fun in the sand.  Yet, planning your vacation is not always fun.  The last time, you had to log in to SAP, click multiple times to apply for leave, and worse still, send multiple reminders to your very busy boss to approve your leave.  Now, that is a thing of the past.  Read on about how our customer, a Global Beverage company deployed an HR chatbot to enable employees to easily apply for leave and managers to approve it with minimum friction.  I am summarizing some of the highlights:

  • Uses Natural Language (plain English) for applying or approving leave.
  • Out of the box Integration with SAP ECC.
  • HR Request: Check Leave balance, Leave List, and Apply for Leave.
  • Approval: Managers receive Notifications/Alerts of Applied Leave requests, View Leave details, and take an action (Approve/Reject).
  • Chatbot designed with the customized branded persona (formal tone, language, and style) in accordance with the customer brand guidelines

The Business Impact is significant as the chatbot is used by over thousands of users.  The chatbot acts as a Virtual Assistant and simplifies the process of applying for leave from an intuitive chat interface.  Most importantly, leave requests are approved in time without the manager being needed to be prodded.  Indeed, a happy employee is an Engaged Employee, and morale and productivity have improved.

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