Connect your Spark Account to Chyme

The Spark-Chyme integration enables all Chyme Assistants (and the underlying bots) to be accessed via Spark.  All the natural language enabled enterprise bots that you have come to enjoy can be accessed via your Spark account now.  Best of all you can also interact with the assistant (bots) and other users on your Spark team from within Spark.

Note: To access the Spark-ChymeBot application, your team administrator should have enabled Spark access in Chyme.


What interactions can I have with Chyme Assistants from Spark?

The Spark integration provides you access to all the Chyme Assistants.  All the underlying bots that an assistant recognizes and executes can be accessed via natural language.

@ChymeBot Bot on Spark – This is a natural language enabled assistant for you to execute any activated bots on, ServiceNOW, SAP or other systems directly from within Spark.  You can create an incident on ServiceNOW, check your opportunity status or list your activities for today on etc.


Great, how do I associate my Spark account with ChymeBot?

Follow these simple steps.

  1. You need to have an existing Chyme account to get started, if you don’t have one click here to ChymeIn!
  2. If you have an account, login to your Spark account and add as a contact.
  3. Once the ChymeBot contact is added, send the simple request “help” to ChymeBot.  The bot will automatically initiate an authorization for you.
    1. You will receive a URL to authenticate yourself against Chyme.
    2. Click the link and enter your Chyme Domain, Email and Password.
    3. An OAuth process will now be initiated with Spark to confirm your identity and to request the required permissions.  Remember to allow popups in your browser, you can disable themitafter the OAuth is done.
    4. In the Spark OAuth login page, provide your Spark account login and password and authorize the permissions for ChymeBot.
    5. On successful association, you will receive a confirmation message in Spark and you can get started.

Why do you need these permissions? Is my data safe?

  1. We only require the authorization to validate your identity.  After that we access all required information only via the bot.

We do not use your data for any purpose other than the above.  Now that everything is clear, go ahead and authorize the app.  You will receive a confirmation in your Spark client on successful activation.

How do I use the ChymeBot from within Spark?

  1. If you don’t find the @ChymeBot bot in your list of contacts, click on the + button and add as a contact.
  2. Now type in the message “help” and hit enter to send it to chymebot.  If you are already authenticated then a list of possible bots will be displayed.  If you need help on a specific bot type help <bot code> to get detailed help and all possible interactions with the ChymeBot assistant.
  3. Depending on the bots activated for you in Chyme, you can access all of them with natural language.  For example “Get my incidents” will retrieve incidents assigned to you from ServiceNOW.

Need help?  Drop us a note.

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