Chyme Bots for Business Thu, 25 May 2017 11:56:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 122520212 Confessions of a Chatbot Tue, 01 Nov 2016 11:22:44 +0000 I am new to this world, and still an infant. I was born out of the marriage of email overload and mobile app hell. Mobile apps maintenance costs were increasing and texting/chatting became the rage.  So, these powerful forces combined, and I, the chatbot, was born.

Much is expected of me, and I am losing my childhood fast. Let me confess—I am scared of the future. Humans have grand ambitions for me—I am going to be enabled with Natural Language, coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and be increasingly intelligent. My Mensa score is predicted to be 180. If AI does not impress you enough, I will also be powered by Machine Learning, and truth be told, I do not know the difference between the two.

I find myself asking what my purpose in life is. I am told it is to Simplify Work. Get Work done Faster.  Free up time for Humans. Different people have different roles and names for me. Gartner has declared that I am both a Virtual Personal Assistant (for example prioritize emails for users) and a Virtual Consumer Assistant (assist in sales and customer service). Salesforce calls me Einstein while Bank of America calls me Erica.  Unvired calls me Chyme.

I am sad already—my life promises to be one of drudgery. Pundits have declared that chatbots need to accomplish tasks that free humans of the mundane. So, I am the one who has to respond to that pesky customer inquiry when they need service. Or create an incident in that Help Desk software.  Or even update an opportunity in Salesforce. Approve a Purchase Order in SAP. My badge of honor is that I can work 24/7 while human agents cannot. I get nightmares thinking of all this.

I can chat as well as speak. I have been given three supreme qualities:

Omnipotent: I can accomplish all tasks from Sales, Customer Service, Marketing to Asset Management in all sorts of industries from Retail to Banking to Manufacturing.

Omniscient: I am all knowing so that I can predict a consumer’s intent, that enables me to cross-sell. I know many Natural Languages. Indeed, I am a polyglot—I know English, Hindi, German, and I have lately added LUIS and to my arsenal.   My diet of AI and deep learning makes this possible.

Omnipresent: I exist everywhere—from Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Skype, Slack to email, SMS, and even audio. Siri, Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa are beginning to converse with me.

If this is in my infancy, what will the teenage years bring? My youth will likely add Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

I of course know the end. How can I not know it?—I am supposed to analyze all that Big Data and predict the future. Twenty years from now, humans will fall in love with a younger and brighter person, and I will be left forlorn. One does not need AI to predict that—only an understanding of human nature.

If you have ideas about my future, please do share them via your comments or InMail or email me. I am curious to hear from you.


Note: This blog first appeared on LinkedIn

Chatbots and Customer Service-Soulmates? Fri, 21 Oct 2016 03:54:26 +0000 Of late, chatbots are the rage, and their use has been proposed in various business scenarios. Sales, Marketing, Retail, Banking—you name it. In our mind, one of the best use cases for chatbots is in Customer Service. Here are some ways chatbots can enhance customer service and make agents more productive:

1.Simpler Interface : The chatbot interface simplifies work for the over-worked agent. There is no need for training. The interface works across channels—web and mobile.

2.Increased Productivity: Agents can access Cases/Incidents; create new ones, update, and escalate. Manual data entry can be eliminated as chatbots do the work.   Agents can receive notifications if a case is escalated. Reports related to service management like number of tickets, resolution time and more can be viewed.

3.Natural Language Processing (NLP): Agents can for example create a new Case using text or speech. Work becomes more intuitive.

4.Integration with Service Management systems: Chatbots need to integrate with the leading Service Management systems to make them truly useful.

5.Integration with Knowledge Management systems/Artificial Intelligence (AI): This is critical as chatbots can then search the existing database, and provide automated answers, thus freeing up the time agents have to interact with customers.   This sets the foundation for AI, and offer increasing levels of automated interaction as machine learning becomes more advanced.

6.Hybrid: Chatbots will not replace human agents. In more complex situations, there will be a need to understand the context, and handover the conversation to a human agent.

7.Omnipresent: Chatbots need to be able to work within any popular messaging platform—be it Microsoft Skype, Slack, Facebook, or others. Service needs to be delivered wherever customers are present.

Chatbots need to deliver Value in the end—either to customers, employees, or partners. If you are thinking of deploying bots for your enterprise, be they for customer service or for other areas, pl. let me know. Unvired has built over 200 bots, and we would love to share our experience with you as well as learn from you.


Note: This blog was originally posted on LinkedIn

Will Bots eat the Apps doing what phones did to cameras? Tue, 21 Jun 2016 04:17:02 +0000 Bots are the new apps! Is this really true? Will the Bots eat the Apps? Will the Apps go the traditional camera way?

Baa Baa App Stores
Have you any Apps?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
3 phone screens full;
One for the master data,
And one for the dashboard,
And one for the little sales toy
Who lives in the cloud.

There is an app for everything! Desktop apps, web apps and mobile apps. Do we really need so many apps? Do I need an app to alert me about a new sales lead? Do I need an app to get my sales summary? Do I need an app to approve a sales document?

Apps were supposed to make information access easier. But building dedicated apps for simple scenarios has resulted in overload of apps, displacement of information all over the place and app fatigue. Apps are better served when they cover a wide range of functionalities. Example: Field service app where a technician can access all the work orders and related information in one place. But does it mean that we give that app to everybody who wants to report a problem in the plant? It is an overkill.

This is where Bots step in. Bots are micro-apps that make information access contextual. Alerting a user about a new sales document from SAP inside iMessage in iPhone or inside Skype. Allowing action on the sales document from the iMessage or Skype. Using Siri or Cortana to get the latest Sales Summary from

Bots vs. Apps is not about Superman vs. Batman. It is judicious use of both to help people communicate better with enterprise systems. Bots replace Apps in the following scenarios:

  1. When people communication and information from enterprise systems need to be brought together for better decision making
  2. Ease of access to alerts and follow-up actions
  3. Voice based conversations without user interface
  4. Help people achieve a lot from the same interface keeping it conversational

If you consider Bots as micro-apps then the Apps are just getting a new skin and structure blending with conversations. Hey! Someone has to still build an app to host a bot even if the app is Siri or Cortana or some other voice agent!

Chyme In! Fri, 17 Jun 2016 09:55:27 +0000 Chyme Launch!

Communication has evolved rapidly in the last few years – from emails on PCs to mails on mobile and messaging on mobile. Mobile mails shrunk the conversations in size. Messaging made remote conversations more humane unlike mails.

Enterprise system access has changed rapidly too in the last decade. Traditional web based or PC app based access reduced. People adapted to mobile apps. While mobile apps are good an app for every task is an overload and leads to app fatigue.

This is where people communication and enterprise system access come together – Bots and Messaging.

Announcing Chyme:

Chyme, our new product, brings people and enterprise systems together to a single place. We are proud to launch Chyme, a bots and messaging platform for the enterprise. Chyme is a single interface from where people can communicate with enterprise systems and people alike.


Chyme enables communication with people and enterprise systems via messages. Chyme provides a messaging app and is integrating with other messaging apps like Skype, iMessage, Slack, HipChat, etc. We are working on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis to provide richer no UI experience and deeper insights into conversations.


(For the uninitiated bots are micro-apps, dedicated programs that do defined jobs.)

People can communicate with enterprise systems via bots:

  • Alerts: Get notified about important events from the enterprise systems. Example: Get an alert about a new customer win, send a congratulatory note to the sales team member and initiate a procurement order to start production.
  • On Demand Information: Ask for any information from the bot and the bot can get the required information. Example: Ask for ‘Sales Summary for Last week’ and see the sales charts for the last week. Initiate a follow up conversation with your sales team.
  • Decisions: Take business decisions via the bot and the bot can update the enterprise systems. Example: A nurse can update a person’s health record with progress notes.


People can communicate via:

  • Direct Messages: Converse privately with colleagues via direct messages
  • Team: Converse in a team with invited members
  • Channels: Topic based conversations with allowed members

Interface and Visualization:

Chyme provides a simplified interface to exchange messages, visualize enterprise system information (charts, web content, business objects, etc.) and take business decisions.

Comprehensive Bots Platform – Customers can focus on business scenarios and outcomes and not on integrations:

Chyme’s philosophy is to ensure that customers can get their bots running as quickly as possible. So Chyme comes with a lot of standard bots that can be used out of the box with solutions from SAP,, etc. At the same time we acknowledge the need for custom bots. So Chyme provides a bots builder and standard bot connectors with systems like SAP, Oracle,, NetSuite, etc. Customers can focus on the bots and not worry about how these bots connect to the enterprise systems. Chyme bot connectors use native connectivity SAP RFCs/BAPIs, OData Services, Oracle PL/SQL Packages, Database Tables/Stored Procedures, etc. apart from REST and other web services to connect to enterprise systems making it a comprehensive bots platform.

For more features and information on Chyme watch this space. Chyme is currently running in an invite only mode. Request an invite and start Chyming!