Carlton Dry, Let the Game Decide Chatbot – The Commitment to Succeed

If you asked me what a chatbot was six months ago, I would have fumbled about, talking to my experiences with my telco provider over live chat. Yet here I am today, feeling richer and empowered from the experience I have had as the project & product manager delivering a chatbot, integrated with promotional cartons…


Chyme Customer Service Chatbot

The Need for Chatbots in Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business environment, Customer Service is one of the main pillars of any organization. Customers will stay loyal only if you give them a great customer service experience. In any business, issues are always going to arise but if your customers know that their complaints will be addressed properly with quick turnaround…



Confessions of a Chatbot

I am new to this world, and still an infant. I was born out of the marriage of email overload and mobile app hell. Mobile apps maintenance costs were increasing and texting/chatting became the rage.  So, these powerful forces combined, and I, the chatbot, was born. Much is expected of me, and I am losing my childhood…


Chatbots and Customer Service-Soulmates?

Of late, chatbots are the rage, and their use has been proposed in various business scenarios. Sales, Marketing, Retail, Banking—you name it. In our mind, one of the best use cases for chatbots is in Customer Service. Here are some ways chatbots can enhance customer service and make agents more productive: Simpler Interface: The chatbot interface simplifies work…


SAP Chatbots

Will Bots eat the Apps doing what Phones did to Cameras?

Bots are the new apps! Is this really true? Will the Bots eat the Apps? Will the Apps go the traditional camera way? Baa Baa App Stores Have you any Apps? Yes, sir, yes, sir, 3 phone screens full; One for the master data, And one for the dashboard, And one for the little sales…


Chyme In!

Chyme Launch! Communication has evolved rapidly in the last few years – from emails on PCs to mails on mobile and messaging on mobile. Mobile mails shrunk the conversations in size. Messaging made remote conversations more humane unlike mails. Enterprise system access has changed rapidly too in the last decade. Traditional web based or PC…